Final Registration  1215
The Parking Lot is still and dark at night ... or is it?
  .... there really ARE folks manning the stations.
Even when they're on strike!
Morning finds Blue Heron filling up
Meanwhile Karaoke is going strong down in the Loop
The Pipe Band is warming up
The early-risers look up the field and await the Opening of another Reunion
Pipe Band leads the Committee on to the field
The Committee
The Crowd ... at flag break
Let the games and the activities begin
When getting a T-shirt printed it helps to have a drying rack handy
... Can you hit the target?
If caught by the Queen's guards ...
... will you end up in chains?
As dusk falls, the flag is lowered
This year's campfire is lit with a "flaming arrow"
Evening brings more activities and shows
The Pipe Band makes its morning rounds
Scouts Own service
The Pipe Band Leads the Committee back on to the field
...  for the Closing
Time to tear it down
and pack it up for the trip home...
... till next year when we will see you all again!
Brant is the Hee Haw gang this year
The Pipe Band makes it to Ebor too
... here they come
... about face
... and there they go
Ebor Park has room for relaxation
but it sure "rocks" on Saturday afternoon