Final Registration  1285
The rest of the Working Contingents have their sleeping tents set up on Goat Hill.
Kybos and wash stations are in place
Rental marquees have been set up on Whiskin and in Ebor Park.
Ridley is awaiting it's tenants
... those still lugging canvas are busy setting up
Time to greet old friends, meet new ones, or just sit a spell and soak up the atmosphere
All is in readiness and the crowds gather ....
The Gilwell Pipe Band arrives
...and with one quick turn around the circle...
..they pipe the Reunion Commiittee on to the field
to take their places in front of the "Keke" for the Camp Opening and speeches.
Camp Chief
The Parade of Years and
election speeches see our
Committee in more casual
dress, but still very
recognizable by their
"distictive" headwear.
The Longest Standing Gilwellians in attendance in 2008
The Med Vents are always on scene
The Committee shakes hands with our  "oldest" Gilwellians.
It will soon be time for
"Tea On The Lawn"
In the meantime you can shop till you drop
in the Tuck shop set up in the Keke
... or take in the sights,
The Pipe Band makes regular rounds of the fields, especially early in the morning
The Bass Drum
contains a Log and Axe
..coming into Ebor Park from Whiskin Field
..where they met
stiff competition
from this "band"?
... no real Battle of the Bands.. the Gilwell Pipe Band is triumphant!
... the smells               ... the hillarity
... and the hoopla that is Gilwell
... and test your skills
... table tipping anyone?
Meet your friends in line-ups for your favourite games
...or take a well-earned rest
The activities carry on well into the night
Many marquees are elaborately decorated
... and many sing songs continue through to morning
Some of the "Working Contingents" are fortunate enough to be able to rent one of the few (considering the number of attendees) buildings that are available.  The Committee holds a "draw" for the priviledge. 
While it may be crowded, it at least  gives them "indoor" accomodations and hopefully, a better rest since they have a lot of work to do.  Those not fortunate enough to "win" in the drawing and everyone else has to "tent it", giving many "newbies" the opportunity to earn their "Camp in the Rain" credentials.
Actually, that's simply "liquid sunshine" because there's ALWAYS sunshine at Gilwell!