Final Registration 
Marquees look similar going up or coming down
You can always find a helpful member of the Camp Committee on the field near Ridley
The field has the same look year after year
The Committee is new each year, but retains a certain sameness too
Although the speeches are new and varied
a common thread binds them to Reunions past
.. and though the faces change from year to year, the same attentiveness and reverance is apparant at all the ceremonies and speeches
The kibitzing and camaraderie is abundant
..and the nights are just as fun-filled as ever, and always too short
A new wrinkle this year are "Passports" worn as a "nametag" that you get stamped at each Contingent you visit.
These folks even rolled out the Red Carpet for their show
There are Contests ... with Judges ...
So much to see and do, and so litle time to do it in.  Guess we'll just have to meet again next year .. Back at Gilwell - Happy Land
Although the Welcome is warm, and the Crown is hotly contested, the nights can sometimes become cold ... that's where a Campfire blanket comes in handy ... it's more than just a "pretty blankie" you know.
Old Friends or new, we all work together to get our "Home-away-from Home" comfy and cozy ... many hands make short work so there's lots of time to "Reunion" and catch up with other Gilwellians.
Lots of shows on the fields this year
An Announcement - Elvis has Left the building!
... and winners!!