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As usual, the Pipe Band announces the arrival of a new day.
Scouts' Own is held in the main Chapel which is nestled in tall pines just past the Yak Shack
The Committee thanks the Med Vents for their services.  This is their 5th year here with us.
All good things must come to an end.  The last to leave are the working Contingents, shown here packing up their sleeping area on Goat Hill
Whereas once the parking lot was full to overflowing,
It has now thinned out.  Makes you wonder why you parked so far away
Take Care
till we meet
again next
year ...
Have a
Nice Day!
The Tuck Shop is set up in the Keke
with a miriad of things,  from books to badges, to camping equipment, hats and clothing etc. etc. etc. and so on.
It is always a busy place when it is "open" on Friday and Saturday but everyone has the chance to do their shopping, especially with "Midnight Madness" Friday
A friendly bunch of  volunteers along with the three paid staff are at your service in the store.