The easiest way to find out who's in Camp, is to check out the Contingents' name boards.
They are as innovative and unique as the Contingents themselves.
Night may fall on the fields, but the Reunioning continues.
... and we have a light.
... Is this  big enough?
Contingent activities simply move into their marquees, with games, shows, sing-songs and whatever else they can come up with... and the good times continue.
This  group provided a "Pig Pen"
While these folks ran a " Horse-pital"
Among Friday night's entertainment is a foot stomping, toe tramping, hoot-n-hollering square dance
(For those of you who think the above should read "toe-tapping" , I can tell you haven't danced here much
The Caller
...and eventually it is daybreak again
As the sun rises above the trees
we find some people are still up, ....
Along with the dawn comes the ritual "Gilwell Pipes and Drums"  Wakey, wakey everyone.
Sleeping areas for the masses are in Blue Heron where "Quiet time" is 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
others are already up,  ...
... and some are still sawing logs.
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