Kings, Kings,everywhere Kings ... and the men-at-arms - the old,  the very old and the new
Let the Games begin
Find your Lost Marbles
Go Fish
Pitch or Ditch
Draws and Give-aways are ALWAYS popular
Test your knowledge with a Quiz
Everybody likes Free Stuff
Stacking Crates is easy ...
I can do it blind-folded
Demonstrations and information abound.
Hmm,.. I wonder how you earn BIG beads
.... maybe by forgetting the little ones..?
Free Munchies
Traversing the field to check out the offerings
Newbies are
Special People
The Gilwell Press
is on hand
to record it all
An appropriate display for the Year of The Veteran
It certainly captivated the Med Vents' attention
... either singly or in a Chain Gang
the taste
Checking the loot
Just checking
Three Heads are better than one
The Candidates start strutting their stuff are Faeries
Soliciting Votes .. are those election promises?
Oh my, which way to go first?
And More Still 2005 Pictures - Page 4