More 2005 Pictures Page 2
Happiness is.... having a good philosophy in life
Blue Springs Scout Reserve has been given a SCENES designation by the World Scouting Organization. - the first in Canada and an important achievement for BSCC.
Give-Aways are always a popular component of the Reunion and business is brisk Saturday afternoon
Parading the Haggis is just one component of this year's International flavour.
The strangest looking people will accost you walking the fields
... and of course, it must be properly addressed
At the Parade of Years our "Senior" Scouters
get a colourful escort
Look what I got!
...and we all know that while Reunion is all about HATS
... only a few are the "Official" brain buckets each year,
uniquely designed by the
Past Chair's Contingent to grace the craniums of the Committee.
Electioneering is always fun (and funny)
Just Follow the Yellow Brick Road...
McLaren Tartan
swatch on necker
circa 1934-35-36
The most Senior Gilwellians in attendance
All have been Gilwellians for 50 years or more