more yet 2004 pics
A solemn moment for remembrance
Camp Chief - Russ
and all Committee positions were filled.  There are 12 Committee members, each sitting for a 3 year term, so 4 new members are elected each year.
Campaigning was innovative as usual
Chair's comments
Guest Speaker Bea
Longest standing Gilwellians in attendance
Attentive Crowds
Ceremonies are always well attended
Looking down Whiskin Field
The Pipe Band rounds Lister Hut
Looking up toward the Keke
Some Saturday Sightings
Games - Come Bust my Bubble
Just Looking
... and Playing Catch is also fun....
Or maybe your aim is better tossing arrows
Then there's Races  to be won . . .
Race 'em  BIG (above)or race 'em little (right)
Shoot to Fill 'er Up