Still More 2004 Pictures
Saturday Night and one of the many Sing-Songs and rollicking good times .....
... but with a slight twist..... this place provides "Comfy seating"
No alcohol is allowed at Blue Springs, but this "speak-
easy" was in full swing when we got there.
The bar-keep kept order   ...  with a little help from the "boys" and their "moll"
... the "girls" work the crowd
... keeping the patrons happy.
At Karaoke the music was so fine the crowd at the back of this tent started dancing.
It ran long enough to wake the birds in the morning.
Want your fortune told?
Care to visit prehistoric times?
Duck Soup anyone?
Try your luck at the Duck Pond
Still hungry?  Swallow Goldfish or how about catching snakes?
Perhaps you're into Horse Races
or...  if "Hitting the bottle" is your thing ...  (hey, that's not easy to do in the dark)
Such sweet rewards
Care to try your marksmanship?
or Pick-Up Stix (..with a twist)
... Need a BIGGER gun?