And More 2004 Pics
The Camp Chief addresses the Gilwellians
Parade of Years V.I.P.s -  those who have held their Woodbadge the longest.
Committee is attentive
They're back ... the Committee
Campaigning - as viewed from the Committee's perspective
The Contingents put on quite a show trying to elicit our Votes
Even their wenches try "wiley ways" to sway the voters
... and when that fails ... (hey, have you looked at these ladies?)
They vie for votes with sheer manpower ....
and majesty
and while they campaign on the field, the Committee is busy elsewhere
Keeping the "out" in Scouting, the Contingent Reps meeting was held in the Ebor Chapel.
Contingent Reps meeting
Dedication trees are no longer being planted along  Memorial Lane.  Instead plaques are now being  added to the  Cairn at the entrance to the Campfire there.
Sunshine filters down through the trees as Contingent Reps voice their concerns and ideas to Committee.