More 2004 Pictures
The Kekedowigamig now holds the Tuck Shop but Lister Hut is still Control Central
The Blue Springs Gilwell Pipe Band
They Have their own "colours"                 
Find the "Newbie"   ... the Crier       .... and the pooch
Electioneering is still fast and furious
or is that a 
"blast for the curious"?
More Contingents now use trailers, and some incorporate them into their marquee
but glancing down the field it still looks the same
The materials may be new, but the tents contain the same friendly people
The walkways are wider, but filled with the same laughter
why,  even the "wallpaper" and decor have a familiar theme and look.
Daylight creeps onto the field just as early, (and the pipes are just as loud)
and the Gilwellians are just as rip raring and ready to start another day as ever.
The "Welcome" is also as gallant and warm as ever!