Final Registration  1429
Opening Ceremonies always attract a large crowd.
Some go to Reunion for the FOOD ! ! !
... and the Med-Vents are on stand-by
                 ... just in case.
The 2004 Gilwell Reunion Committee - you know, the ones with the "hats".
and the crowds that have come out to see them .. who also have hats
... even National is represented, but alas without a hat, or "sans chapeau"
The biggest change to the field this year is the loss of the cedars by the flag pole.
  A canopy has been set up to provide shade, especially for the Parade of Years.
Parts of the main (Whiskin) field can no longer be used for marquees because of the septic system, which has now been repaired.  That makes more space for seating the crowds.
Flag Break ... Canadian,            ... American                                         ... and Scouting
We have the people                           ......... and we have the band
and some come for the demonstrations
Some come to get new(?) ideas  like the Scout Hat Rack
While others come for the Free Stuff 
  ( hey, we can all use free stuff ).
and the Games are always a popular way to spend an afternoon
Wet ones are my personal favourites
So much to do, so much to see
and so many people to visit with, to laugh with, and to share stories with.
Whatever the reasons for coming, a  Gilwell Reunion Weekend is like no other. It is an opportunity to renew old friendships and form lasting new ones, and unites us all in the Worldwide Brotherhood of Scouting.
Here Lies Clay Tyle - killed by a tent peg.  (Apparantly marquee spikes are  hard on weeping tiles).
Some come to see the displays
which are as varied as the people