Final Registration 1565
Meet and Greet is all set
They will supply warm words of greeting and cool drinks to ease your thirst ....
but you still have to carry your own stuff.
Calling all Square Dancers
It's Back ... after 2 year's absence it is back...
The Traditional Friday Night Square Dance has been reinstated
A Roaring Good Time Friday night in the Loop
The Tuck Shop has badges and  pins, T's and sweats,  clothing, and blankets etc. .. plus many personal items you may have forgotten to bring (toothbrush - paste), etc. etc. etc.
Playing Catch-up
with old friends
Gilwell Reunion Pipes & Drums
(They are looking for drummers and more members .. see PM at Reunion)
Gilwell Reunion Pipes & Drums' Bass Drum has its beads
The Committee files on to the field
The eager crowd that awaits them

  May the Best one Win!!
Electioneering is vital when Candidates outnumber the positions to be filled. 
News Crew is taking notes.
A Special Heartfelt Message
Let the Games begin
A Sponge Toss is great fun on a hot day!
Whadda ya mean "Best Side"?
Once the polls close Ballot boxes are opened and votes counted and tabulated by the Committee
Campfire Blankets are important for Badges, warmth  AND
for Campfires.
..and Singing and coffee are quite often an all night event.
Reunion is a "Learning Experience"
The Spectator Gallery in the Loop
... It's hard to get a good seat
and a friendly staff of volunteers
The 2003 Gilwell Reunion Committee
The field fills ups early
for front row seats
at Ceremonies.
Campfire Opening - Lighting the fire
(Note..flash cameras are not allowed)
Even at a distance the Campfire is impressive.