The 2002 Ceremonies from a "Committee" point of view ... a sea of smiling faces.
Registration   1685
(not counting the 40 who showed up last weekend)
This year's Reunion was one week later than "usual".
As Winner of last year's "Chair's Challenge", Brant gets a banner and front-row seats for speeches.
An appeal from Elections' "Top Banana" fills all positions on Committee. 
   Parade of years - "Oldest"
(longest standing) Gilwellians
        in camp this year.
Provincial Council
and Ontario Division
are well represented
The Contingent Reps meeting allows the airing of concerns.
Committee Chair takes notes
  Clear alleyways behind
marquees are for fire safety.
Top Bananas have a "Job with a Room"
...and others have a job guarding them.
Our Town Crier
There is
for everyone
to be found
From the Putterers to the Tattoo artists ... -->
and crafty folks                  ... to life's climbers
We even have stuff for people who like to whack things
...along with Games and Remembrances...
The offerings are as diversified and imaginative
as the Contingents who come up with them.
Control Central is in Lister Hut,
base station for the 35 radios
that let us stay "In Control".
partake in, receive, be awarded, have befall you or whatever else anyone can think of.
Our First Aid Station is equipped with an ambulance
which can be brought onto the
field if need be, but thankfully,
most who can no longer
"camp out" only come for the
day on Saturday to join the fun.
I hope you didn't miss
our "Garage Sale" .
All leftover pins and
mugs from previous
years were sold off at
"rock bottom" prices to
make room in the Keke.
  Past Chair accepts
10 cents on the dollar
    Time to take to the Field
... and check out the "Offerings"
A unique array of things to do, play, collect, watch, garner,
Whiskin Field early morning
.. and later in the day --->
Some Gilwellians are "Quackers"
More "Freebies"
Bringing home the "winnings"
Gilwell Pipes & Drums
   and Colour Party